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彼らは列になって座らされ、食事をもてなされました。そして、ブラフマは彼らにこう言ったのです。肘を曲げる事は許されないと... それは食事中もだと。悪魔は言いつけを守り、食事をしようとしましたが、最後には食べ物を散らかすだけでした。






自身とは他人の為に尽くすという事なのである。   −シリ・シン・サヒブ




The Siri Singh Sahib told a wonderful story :

Load Brahma once had a gathering where he invited the demons first, to show them honor.

They were sitting in line.
Brahma then told them that they were not allowed to bend their elbows, even while eating.

The demons tried to eat, but ended up getting food everywhere.
It fell on their face, nose, Mouth, and clothes and they couldn’t enjoy the food.
Next Brahma gave the feast to the angels.

They sat down and knew they were now allowed to bend their elbows.

So they fed each other !

And they had fun with it. Being for each other is the ecstasy, it is the divinity.
And being for yourself is the tragedy.

Self is for serving others.    - Siri Singh Sahib.

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